We're Moving!

Progress Tracker!

Our new (Bigger!) store will be located at 300 East Main in Carrboro between the ArtsCenter and Cat's Cradle!  Our estimated move date is September 2011.

8/8 Updates
After some delays with the installation of the fire sprinkler system, the store renovations are back on and are in full swing!  Check out the pictures below! 

Inside view of sales floor.  Hallway to the bathrooms are on the back left.

Inside view of sales floor.  Back left is the hallway to the 2 bathrooms, community wall and water fountain.

Prep work for new slab!

Prep work for the new concrete slab.  Once that's finished, the glass and old "face" of the space will come off.  The new "face" will be extended out another 10 ft to where the red beam is.  A new sidewalk will be installed, which is one area where customers can test shoes as part of our FIT Process.

Inside view of sales floor.

Another inside view of the sales floor.  Back right is a hallway to the 3 fitting rooms.

Back Room

This is really most exciting for the staff of Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro!  In addition to a bunch of shoe racks, there will be a kitchen, buyer's work area, receiving area, and office.

New walls are beginning to go up!  6-24-11 

Looking at back wall 

Looking at merchandise wall and hallway/bathrooms

Looking from stock room at bathrooms/front

Fitting rooms (Total of 3!) and hallway connecting them

This "face" of the store won't be here much longer!! 

Demolition inside the store has begun!  6-18-11


First Photo!
Here is a picture of the new location taken on April 26, 2011. 

Beginning the week of June 20th, there will be a new "face" put on the exterior of the building!  It's exciting! 

Check back soon for more photos!

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