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At Fleet Feet Carrboro & Durham, we want to provide customers with unparalleled service and an unforgettable experience. We strive to go above and beyond when it comes to getting you into the right running, walking or fitness gear. We specialize in the FIT process by asking questions, analyzing, and finding solutions to keep you healthy and active. We utilize our 3D foot scanning technology, fit id, to help show you what we see. So stop in and chat with our awesome staff who are always ready to help.   

Ben Heimlich - Carrboro & Durham Operating Partner -

Jordan Ayers - Durham Store Manager -

Nora Ayers - Fleet Feet Running Club Director -

Jason Miller - Carrboro & Durham Assistant Manager -

Adam Van Slyke - Carrboro & Durham Footwear Retail Planner -

Sarah Albrecht - Carrboro Inventory Manager | Associate Footwear Buyer -

Fleet Feet Carrboro/Durham Outfitters

Alexa Cardosa
Arvind Mallikarjunan
Ben Hawley
Charity Thompson
Clarke Babcock
Courtney Mascarella
Ellie Pearson
Emily Napierski
Grant Demarest
Izzy Begej
Jake Johnson
Jason Miller
Jazz Catterall
Jennifer Chu
Jill Thomas
Kerry Doyle
Leah Suffern
Mimi Bowen
Morgan Ilse
Natalie Richardson
Nikki Mogensen
Pam Zeiger
Samantha Terry
Sean Bezdek

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