Who We Are



At Fleet Feet Carrboro/Durham, we are blessed with a team of people who are committed to working hard every day with every customer in an "Above and Beyond" way.  We hope you always enjoy your experience in the store, and feel comfortable just stopping in to get to know us better, ask questions, and get engaged in all the activities that occur at the store and in our community!

Here's the lineup of people who come to work every day ready to serve you...

                        Carrboro Sales Associates                                                                 Durham Sales Associates                            
Brett Albers Abby Lehman
Chet Corey Jeremiah Reckart
Michele Fogle Jessica Thompson
Jeff Patterson Kristen Pate
Jordan Stafford Kristen Pate
Kelly Young Nicole Sennett
Lauren Strickland Rebekah Greengrass
Leah Andrianos Samantha Terry
Lindsay Savelli shawna spencer
Mark Scott  
Steph Bryant  


  • Brian and Tricia White - Owners
  • Brett Albers - Inventory Manager/Sales Associate

  • Steph Bryant - Sales Associate
  • Meg Genderson - Sales Associate
  • Amy Jones - Apparel Manager/Sales Associate
  • Nick Krouse - Store Manager/Sales Associate
  • Sarah O'Callaghan - Accessories Buyer/Sales Associate
  • Kristen Pate - Community Outreach/Sales Associate
  • Jeff Patterson - Sales Associate
  • Natalie Reder - Training Program Coordinator/Sales Associate
  • Lindsay Savelli - Sales Associate

  • Jordan Stafford - Sales Assocaite
  • Lauren Strickland - Sales Associate
  • Danielle Sturgeon - Sales Associate
  • Samantha Terry - Sales Associate

Will Feldman

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