Impossible Is Nothing: Melissa's Story

Even though the cold is becoming a more distant memory, I have a story from a few weeks ago of when I got a little too eager after a week of no running (due to snow, ice, and kids)… and ran too much. The direct result of my over-zealousness was that I ended up sitting on a bag of ice. (You know, to compound the cold). However, while I was icing, I started thinking about why I do this to myself, and realized that it was very straight forward. About a year ago, all I did was watch the runners run up my street, and I was envious. As a Celiac and overweight, it seemed like the impossible dream. All the runners seemed so happy. At that point, I had been power walking for about a year and had changed my diet and had lost 50 pounds; but it wasn’t until I went to a party and a friend suggested I run a block then walk a block that I even considered running a possibility. So last January 2014, I tried it. I walked a couple of miles, and then while listening to “Foo Fighters” “Walk” I ran a quarter of a mile in my Keen sandals! It was awesome! Since then, I have enrolled in four Fleet Feet training programs, ran 4 races last year, and completed the Le Tour de Carrboro Races. I got my jacket to prove it, baby!

But back to the present: I was sitting on ice, and I knew that it was part of my journey, and that it is still good. For me, what I thought was impossible became reality because I tried something new, and it’s AWESOME! I am now not only passing on my story to you, but I have taken on incredible opportunity to volunteer and mentor (along with other Teachers & Moms) around 15 young girls (including my twins!) at McDougle Elementary School here in Carrboro!

Contributed by: Melissa

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