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Kenneth Lennon- from NoBoundaries to Half Marathon

We first met Officer Kenneth Lennon of the Chapel Hill Police through the Town Wellness Program in 2012.  Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro had partnered with the Wellness Committee to form a Town Employee Walking Group at lunchtime, which included folks from the Town Hall, Housing, and the Police and Fire stations.  Ken showed up to walk the first day, in hopes of getting running again...

Well that he did. He had always been active- he was in the military and had been a runner in the past- but as he said, "I got soft.  I needed to get moving again."  He has an office job now as a Crime Prevention Officer, and although he does a lot of speaking engagements and mentoring kids, he is mainly sedentary at work. The Town Walking group gave him just the nudge he needed to get started.    As it was finishing up it's first session, Ken met Natalie Reder, our Training Program Coordinator and joined our NoBoundaries group and trained for his first 5K.   He continued on to do another 5K, a 10K, and today he is a Mentor for our Half & Full Marathon Program with plans to run the Raleigh Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon this April! 

Joan, Ken's girlfriend and social butterfly happily joined the ride!   When we asked Ken what it took to get her to join, he said, "Nothing... she immediately said 'Let's do it!'"  She joined the No Boundaries group with him and never looked back.  She's now mentored numerous groups with Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro and is an energetic and integral part of our Walking Program. 

We asked Ken what the biggest challenge was for him to stay active.  "Scheduling.  Last night I did a track workout between work events, but I do my best to make it to almost every workout."  Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro and Durham offer our Training Programs to Fire and Police for free, for this very reason.  We know they can't make it to everything, but we want to make fitness with us as accessible as possible. 

"I'm grateful that the Town and Fleet Feet offered the opportunity to get me started.  The Wellness Program gets people walking which can then evolve into running.  It's just what I needed."  

Well, Ken, you're just what we needed too.  We love having Ken and Joan on the team and in our community!  In their special ways they share their passion and inspire the rest of us to keep moving. 


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