Ponysaurus Pub Run #ponyrun


Where: Starts and ends at: Ponysaurus Brewing Company, 219 Hood St. Durham, NC 27701

When: Run starts at 6:30 PM. Please arrive around 5-10 minutes before the run for announcements 

What: Ah, beer and running, a pairing as old as time. Join the good people of Ponysaurus and Fleet Feet every Thursday for a 3 mile route or 5 mile route. Expect a good time and don't forget to treat yourself to a pint at the end of each run. All levels welcome and no registration is necessary!


DISCLAIMER:  BE SAFE. It is the responsibility of you, the runner, to see, be seen, obey the law and exercise extreme caution around any potential hazards. Specifically watch out for: fellow runners, things with headlights (which include but are not limited to cars, trucks, bikes, vans, trains, people, etc.), curbs, uneven sidewalks, dogs (both cute and vicious), cyclists, big bull statues, ponies, fire hydrants and your own shoelaces. We highly recommend that you run against traffic and that you do not "jaywalk/run" since it is against the law. Now the part that you all already know. Fleet Feet assumes no responsibility or liability for your personal conduct (behavior) or injury while running the Pony Run. If you have any questions or need assistance, please see a Fleet Feet Pony Run Jockey. 

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