Weekly Runs

We love to run and be social - won't you come join us?!

Our pub runs are perfect for the casual runner, beer (pizza/cider/soda) drinker, and sometimes athlete-sometimes not, kind of person.  

To be honest, we like beer as much as we do running (maybe even a little more) and we think the best beer is the one shared with friends after a run.  We're runners too, but not the kind that stare at you with an angry face at stop lights. We're casual, friendly, and low key kind of athletes. We still love a good workout though.  Join us anytime. 

The format is simple. Join us at any of the following locations for a casual, free, social run ranging between 3 and 5 miles. Often our runs will have a fun theme, products to try out on the run, and of course plenty of socializing after.  

Plus you'll be rewarded every time you show up through our Miles Reward Program on the Fleet Feet app. Earn cool swag items like tees, hoodies, hats and other Fleet Feet merchandise simply by showing up and running.

All paces and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to join. If you enjoy a casual run and good pizza/beer/cider/soda, this group is for you!

Earn Miles on the Fleet Feet App

Every event will be worth 5 miles.  Earn the miles by checking into the event on the Fleet Feet app.  To earn extra points link your Strava or Garmin account to the app and you will earn as many additional miles as you run that night.  

For example if a run is worth 5 points and you check in as well as run 5 miles and have your Strava account linked to the Fleet Feet app you will earn 10 miles total. You'll be 1/5 of the way to a mug!


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