4 and 10 Mile Training Program

Four and Ten Mile Training Program


  • Group Training Workouts will be held twice a week.
  • Clinics and Seminars will be held regularly and cover a wide range of topics about running and fitness.   They will be 15 minutes in length and start either before or after the run as indicated in the weekly e-mail.   Clinics will be motivational and educational.
  • At least once monthly you will have the opportunity to work with Physical Therapists from the Balanced Physical Therapy office in Carrboro.  They will be able to answer all of your injury questions and work alongside with you to make sure you make it to race day without pain!
  • The last Saturday of every month we are inviting all Training Program Participants to take part in a cooking demo held at the store by WHOLE FOODS.  The demo will be at 9am no matter what time or when the workout finishes, but the store and registers will be open so if you finish earlier you can use that time to shop.  You will also get to sample all the food that is made at the demo!
  • The 4 Mile Beginner program will focus on building endurance to handle a 4 Mile Distance. An all walking group will be a component to this program. The 4 Mile Advanced Program will emphasize education and execution of sharpening training principles and is best for people who are able to walk/run a 5K at the start of the program.  4 Mile Advanced participants will have speedwork, hill work, pace runs or high intensity interval training every weeknight. 
  • Weekly E-mails and Newsletters will detail running routes, distance and training plans as well as any pertinent information about upcoming events, special offers/coupons and the weekly musing from your Coach, Mentors or fellow runners!
  • Meet your Coach!  Meg Pomerantz for Beginning 4 Mile and Natalie Reder for Advanced 4 Mile and 10 Mile
  •  In Addition to Meg and Natalie, you will be working closely with a group of Mentors from various backgrounds and activity levels who will be introduced to you in the first few training sessions.
  • The First Workout will be held at the Fleet Feet Store, 300 East Main Street at 6pm.  Please expect that we will go over safety, season needs, common running related issues and other pertinent information this evening.  Expect to be there for at least an hour, there will be no workout that day.
  • Throughout the season we will be awarding points for attendance at workouts, clinics and special events.  You also receive points for trying on and purchasing our Sponsor’s Gear (Nike).  The most active participants at the end of the season will be awarded amazing prizes, including a pair of shoes!  Be sure to get as many points as possible!
  • If you have to miss runs just make sure you are completing your weekly training sessions so you don’t fall behind in your progress.  Also try to keep your Coach and Mentors informed about which days we can expect to miss you.
  • We want everyone to be very focused on their personal goals and objectives.  In the first few training sessions we will have everyone detail what they hope to achieve through the 4 and 10 Mile program and we will dedicate our attention to creating the experience you would like based on your feedback!
  • We will be having an Icebreaker at the store on Saturday Morning after our second workout (January 28th)!  We will have Friend BINGO and everyone in attendance will receive a point.  The first few BINGO winners will receive a prize!  Immediately following will be our first Cooking Demo with Whole Foods.
  • There is a Gear-Up Night where you receive discounts on gear you will use this season and be eligible for many in-store incentives such as gifts with purchase and raffles!  It is Tuesday January 31st immediately following your workout at the store.  You do not want to miss this event!


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