The 10K Training Program is designed to further runners and walkers towards their fitness and running goals.  It will include an education on and pursuit of different training techniques and tools in order to further enjoy running and improve their performance.  There are occasional clinics covering a wide range of topical issues on running, health, wellness and nutrition from the area’s leading experts.  The program meets twice a week, once on a weeknight and once on a Saturday morning.



Q: What is the cost of the registration?

A: The cost is $100.00 to $120 depending on if you want to sign up for the race as well.  The registration cost includes Saucony labeled gear.  Also included in the fee is RRCA insurance, prizes, giveaways, coupons, offers, on-site physical therapy, cooking demos, an online training tool, expert coaching and mentor assistance.


Q: I am a very slow runner.  Is this still the right program for me?

A: Absolutely.  We want to inspire and educate runners of all levels, regardless of pace!  We will always have trainees and Mentors to run alongside you, so you need not worry about being alone on the runs.


Q: If I am already running this distance but I am looking for a group to train with is this program right for me?

A: You bet!  We encourage runners of all levels and abilities to train with us.  There will be lots of new challenges for you as well as awesome people to meet and run with.


Q: If I miss workouts, or I have to consistently miss one of the days of our weekly meetings does that mean I cannot be involved in the program?

A: Of course you can still be involved!  We would love to have every trainee at every run, but understand that life and outside obligations may get in the way.  Just make sure that you are completing your training runs independently so you don’t fall behind on your progress!  Also, let your coach know when you are expected to miss so we don’t worry about you!


Q: How do I register?

A: You can register on signmeup.com.  Once registration is open there will be links to online registration pages on the Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro website.


Q: What if I have to miss the informational meetings?

A: No big deal!  Just come to the first workout and we can get you up to speed then.  Or e-mail Natalie what day you are planning to attend and she can give you a run-down, send you the informational handout via e-mail and walk you through registration.  Also remember that the informational meeting is intended for people who still need to know more before they commit to registering.  If you already know you want to get involved, there is no need for you to come to that meeting.


Q: Can I come to the first workout before deciding to register?

A: Of course!  We are confident after you see what the programs are all about that you will want to get involved.


Q: What does the training schedule look like?

A: We will be starting at smaller mileages and building over the course of the 12 weeks.  It will never change suddenly or dramatically and you will always be well prepared for any increase distance.  You can also expect track workouts and trail runs on a fairly regular basis.  The track workouts will happen every other week and you can expect speedwork, tempo training and intervals.


Q: Where do we meet?

A:  The training location will be announced to you before the start of the season.



“The 10K Training Program is great.  I was running with a woman who recently moved here from California and she mentioned she had been running for 6 months.  She pulled this one hill with incredible determination and it occurs to me that what is contagious about running with folks relatively new to running is their fresh sense of accomplishment that comes from doing that first trail run or running a particular distance for the first time.  It's inspiring and reminds me that, yes, even running a mile when one has never run a mile is a big deal.”

“I just wanted to say we have so LOVED our time spent with all of you and the other runners.  To me, each of you has contributed to making this session such a fabulous experience - you bring  a sense of fun, supportiveness, positive attitudes and a willingness to help others find their inner athlete at every run - you rock!”

“This whole experience has really changed my life. I have met so many amazing people that I probably would have never even spoken to before. I've been more motivated to run than ever before and I look forward to that special time while I’m running so much. I'm doing a half marathon in May, which I can't believe, and I’m doing it because I know I can, thanks to this program.”

"I loved the course that FF provided.  I enjoyed meeting new people and it got me back into shape. Also to date I lost 19 pounds.  Now that  I am getting my base I may try to enter a full marathon for fall or just work on speed and be more competitive in 5ks and some track races (my forte)."

“I think I have flourished and gotten better and felt stronger because of the training runs that change-it up every week.  Not to mention the awesome company!”

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