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Training Program Coordinator

Get to know Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro/Durham's Training Program Coordinator: 
Nora Hannapel!

Fleet Feet Training Nora Hannapel

Nora Hannapel moved to Durham when she was eight, and has considered it home ever since. Growing up in a family of four kids, multiple pets, and two wonderful parents, being active was a necessity. Her first sporting passion was soccer, where chasing after a little black and white ball she got her first taste of running. It wasn't until her senior year of high school cross-country that she really fell in love with running; her team placed second in states and she learned a lot from a coach that ran with the team rather than yelled at them from the sidelines.

After high school, she moved down the road to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She juggled a double major in Anthropology and Archaeology; worked at the local outdoor store, Great Outdoor Provision Company, and with Carolina Campus Recreation; played on IM teams and managed to sneak in runs with the UNC Club Cross Country team.

While running during college offered up a good time for stress relief and conversations with friends, it was never front and center. Her favorite part about running in college was that she could always count on it being there - all she had to do was lace up her shoes and begin pounding the pavement. Nora believes that running is like a really good friend, you can take time off from one another but when you get back to each other it's a wonderful reunion. It may be hard and awkward at first but it does get easier! 

After graduation Nora interned for the Forest Service in Northern California where she hiked everyday for work, mapping archaeological sites and taking in the beautiful scenery. When she returned to Durham, she was hired as an assistant manager at Omega Sports, where she started a run group and built a community of passionate runners among her staff and customers. 

Nora loves to run. She loves that running brings people together and that it incorporates people of all shapes and sizes and colors and that running is universal. She will tell people: "All you need to do is show up with your shoes tied. After that, the people and movement around you will carry you as far as you want to go."

Nora is very excited to be working with Fleet Feet in a capacity that allows her to bring her energy to a larger group, and in more ways than just sharing her love for running. She wants people to laugh, to have fun, and to enjoy the little steps that bring us closer to our common goal of being the movement. She cannot wait to meet everyone that makes the Fleet Feet Carrboro and Durham community so special, so stop by and say "hi", though she's sure she'll run into you soon!

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